The world is so beautiful
Full of many things to see,
Full of inspiration and motivation,
Full of pretty colors and pretty meanings๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Speaking From My Atmosphere; โ€˜Loveโ€™:

Love got good part which you love to hear and also got bad part that hurts deep.

1] The good part of love are:
Love is perfect
Love is so soft and tender
Love is so romantic
Love is so friendly
Love is so special
Love is like a sweet smelling flower
Love is like a gentle touch on the skin
Love is like a cool feeling
Love is something you can use to achieve everything
Love is like a substance used to make things right
Love is a portion
Love is a charm
Love is a spiritual emotion
Love is so sensational
Love is an imaginary line that brings people together
Love is a spark of attraction
Love is so emotional deep
Love is so technical and brainstorming
Love is so full of pleasure
Love is a recipe for relationship
Love is so understandable
Love is so playful
Love is so educative
Love is a beauty on its own
Love is so loyal
Love is so sweet to accommodate
Love brings about trust and affection
Love is one of the best pet to have around you
Love is such a darling
Love is so lovely
Love is a very strong affection that canโ€™t be influenced negatively
Love is like a medicine
Love is like a cure
Love is like a passionate love affair
Love is pure when produced from the depth of the heart
Love is beautiful
Love is so mysterious
Love is fascinating
Love is like an adventure you will like to go on forever and ever
Love is like a ballad
Love is so creative
Love is like an ornament
Love is an attachment to the heartbeat
Love is so unique
Love can change your personality
Love needs attention
Love brings hearts closer
Love can be forgiving sometimes
Love is all we want
Love is the greatest gift of all
Love can be caressing
Love is so fondle
Love is a trance
Love cannot be compromised

2] The bad part of love are:
Love could be scary
Love could be a bad player
Love is unforgettable when it breaks your heart
Love could be one of the greatest mistake
Love could be a wrong step or choice
Love could be full of pains
Love could be full jealousy
Love could be so heart breaking
Love is shy
Love is a slow poison that kills
Love can kill
Love could be ugly to hear sometimes
Love has a way of making you look or act stupid and foolish
Love can make you go crazy
Love is not ordinary
Love can be annoying sometimes
Love can be a back stabbing
Love is a scam
Love can a threat
Love is so sacrificial
Love hurts like hell
Love could be a thorn in your flesh
Love can be unforgiving
Love could make you sober
Love is so secretive
Love could be useless in some cases
Love got a lot of issues and procedures
Love got a lot of obligations
Love could bring tears into your eyes
Love could be embarrassing
Love could be like a clash of Titians
Love can be stingy
Love could be frustrating
Love can be irritating
Love can blind your thoughts
Love can confuse your thoughts
Love can vanish into a thin air
Love could sometimes be an end game
Love could lead to shatter dreams
Love is full of deception
Love is like a genophobe or erotophobe
Love is like nyctophobe
Love is like a flame of fire burning up your good memories
Love can hit you like a sledgehammer
Love can turn you down
Love is like a wrecking ball
Love is like a hot scorching sun burning up your skin
Love can make you desperate